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Shipping and Delivery

1. When will my order be sent out?
All orders will be shipped within 5 working days after your payment.

2. What about you?
Yes, we support global transportation. If your country is not listed, please feel free to contact us.
Please note that we are not responsible for any local taxes or duties that may be levied in your country.

3. Where did we get it?
All our goods are shipped from China.

4. Is there a tariff?
Generally speaking, you won't be charged any customs fees for choosing our surface mail. However, if you choose express delivery, you may charge customs fees for strict customs inspection.
Please note: We will only pay the customs charges incurred by surface mail. If you choose express delivery, we will not be responsible for it.

5. When I received an email confirming payment, was my order really cancelled?
If you receive payment consolidation email, it means that your order is ready and waiting for delivery.
Once the goods are delivered, we will send another email to inform you that "your order has been shipped", and the shipping method and tracking number will be included.

6. Do you support packing products to the P.O. Box?
No, we don't support mailing products to P.O. Box. After you change your address, we will arrange the delivery of the order.

7. How to track the status of the package?
Please log in to your customer account, and you can find the link for tracking orders in the order list. If you order as a guest, please contact us through [email protected] and provide your order number.

8. How long will it take me to receive the order?
Orders will be delivered within 5 working days after receipt. After the order is issued, a tracking number will be provided in your email.
The order will arrive at your place within 2-4 weeks and be shipped by standard shipping company (excluding delayed delivery due to COVID-19, which depends on the situation in each country). Please track the status of the package through the tracking number provided in the email.
Then, if the package is not received within the expected delivery time, please contact the local post office. Finally, contact us for more information.
Note: The valuation is calculated from the date of delivery, not from the date of ordering. The customer is responsible for the losses caused by the wrong transportation information.

9. Why is the application status not updated? Is my package safe?
If the package is transported by economic or standard transportation, it is normal that the transportation status will not be updated before reaching the next destination, which will not affect the transportation and is absolutely safe.

10. What should I do if I never receive the package?
After we provide the tracking number, you should always track the items online to avoid the trouble caused unconsciously in the delivery process.
You can send an email directly to our customer service department, and we will check it for you. Once we are sure that the goods are really lost, we will arrange new shipment or refund. But if the package is lost because the information you provided is incorrect, you should be responsible for all the losses.